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Specialty Alloy for Wave Guide Transducers Essential to Product

A Fortune 500 customer that makes equipment that measures position needed specialty alloys in coil form to convert it to a magnetostrictive wave guide. Since this is a key component of their device, there was no room for error. This alloy, requiring tight compositional control and high purity, wasn't available commercially.


Sophisticated Alloys worked with the manufacturer's lead scientist and developed a melting process that controlled essential elements, while maintaining the highest purity standards. These melting processes were tested and carefully documented. Attention to detail during the developmental stages insured repeatability going forward into production.


Once Sophisticated Alloys was able to consistently meet the composition and purity specifications, they turned their attention to converting the ingot to a coil with the proper dimensions. Along the way the efforts were carefully documented and formed the basis of the standard operating procedure for the new product. The customer's special final cleaning requirements were observed so that they could begin processing the material as soon as it was received.

  • Specialty alloy essential to product
  • Provided in Finished Form
  • Produced on On-Going Basis

This specialty alloy continues to be a key component in wave guide position transducers, which have a vast number of applications and an annual sales volume of more than $300 million. Sophisticated Alloys continues to produce this component that has proved invaluable to the customer.

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