Vacuum Melting Services

From a Few Grams to 500 lbs.

From the electronics industry to the aerospace industry, our alloys have been used for wide ranging applications. Whatever your application or the size of your project, the focus we give to cleanliness, detail and process control are the keys to producing our high purity specialty alloys. From vacuum induction melting to vacuum arc melters, we offer five different vacuum melting furnaces, one of which is sure to provide a cost-effective solution for you.

Numerous companies have entrusted us with their proprietary information. Sophisticated Alloys keeps all services in the strictest confidence.

Five Furnaces Provide Flexibility

Vacuum Arc Button Furnaces - Few grams to several hundred pounds capacity.

vacuum arc melter
Vacuum Arc Melter

Few grams to ~ 500 g

vacuum induction melter
12 lb Vacuum Induction Melter (VIM)

500 g to ~ 12 lbs

vacuum induction melter
50 lbs Vacuum Induction Melter (VIM)

1 kg to ~ 50 lbs

vacuum induction melter
300 lbs Vacuum Induction Melter (VIM)

50 lbs to ~ 300 lbs

vacuum induction melter
500 lbs Vacuum Induction Melter (VIM)

100 lbs to ~ 500 lbs

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Thin Film Hard Drive Alloy Delivered Quickly, Flawlessly

Sophisticated Alloys comes through when a customer is faced with an immediate need to expand its capacity.

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Manufacturing Tailored to Your Needs

Experience the benefits of working with a company with five furnaces and a range of melt capacities.

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