Case Study

Vacuum Melting

Thin Film Hard Drive Alloy Delivered Quickly, Flawlessly

A major supplier of thin film magnetic recording media to the disk drive industry needed to immediately expand its capacity since the industry was experiencing an explosion of growth.

Producing the alloys was logistically complex and proprietary. The customer was looking for a vendor that could quickly provide the same high standards they achieved at their own facility, yet it was essential that their technology remain confidential.


A meeting between Sophisticated Alloys' officers and the company's technical manager and a tour of our facility was the first step in establishing a relationship. Next, the decision was made to dedicate a melting unit to producing their alloys. Most importantly, to facilitate the communications necessary for such a project to succeed, the customer’s supply chain manager was given open access to Sophisticated Alloys' president and chief technical officer.


The customer's engineers and Sophisticated Alloys' technical personnel oversaw the technology transfer. Several workarounds were created because of slight differences between the equipment at the two locations, but quality parts were soon produced in production quantities.

  • Maintained High Standards
  • Quick Turn Around Provided
  • Proprietary Formula Protected

During the term of the project, Sophisticated Alloys responded to the increased production demand by augmenting the size of our staff and the number of shifts that we operated. We produced more than 350 cast assemblies per month. The customer's delivery schedule was met every time, and each challenge met along the way was dealt with to the customer's complete satisfaction.

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