Our Values

A Reputation for Personalized Customer Interactions

Our guiding principle is to provide our customers with exactly what they need when they need it. That’s why our customers always speak directly with a metallurgist. Our technical personnel work hand in hand with our customers’ engineering teams to meet their unique needs for research, pilot production, proprietary industrial and government projects. Experience has taught us that close communication is the best way to ensure satisfaction.

We are Adaptive
  • Sophisticated Alloys has designed and fabricated all of our own vacuum melting equipment, and we are uniquely qualified to design and build new equipment to meet your needs.
  • We pride ourselves on being solution providers.
We are Responsive
  • Sophisticated Alloys provides prompt and detailed quotations.
  • We provide expedited services for "hot" jobs.
We are Flexible
  • Five in house vacuum melting systems are available. Our capacity ranges from a few grams to 500 lbs.
  • Sophisticated Alloys offers a comprehensive selection of post-melt processing capabilities so we can deliver your alloy in almost any form ranging from ingot to fully machined assemblies.
We are Detail Oriented
  • We develop a detailed manufacturing plan for each product we deliver. It is the road map used by our personnel from order placement through delivery to ensure that you receive the product you ordered.
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